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At Cavalier Technical Services (CTS), we supply a wide selection of notebooks for your personal and business needs.Here are some facts about notebooks, that will help you in your purchasing decision:

 Contemporary notebooks use the same processors as their desktop counterpart, so now you can get the same power on the move.

 Most business-class notebooks have docking

stations available. These stations turn the notebook into a desktop while in the office. They also eliminate the need to purchase both a laptop and a desktop, and allows for quick removal of the notebook when traveling.

 New solid-state hard drives (SSD) found in notebooks, use 80% less power and work twice as fast as traditional hard drives.

 Many notebooks have cellular antennas built-in.

 Most business-class notebooks carry international warranties. This provides the needed technical support and accident protection when traveling abroad. There are number of different types of notebooks to select from. We have listed them below:


A netbook is essentially a very small and compact computer that is great for web browsing and simple applications. These usually do not come with a hard drive or an optical drive. They typically weigh less than 2 lbs. and the screen is not bigger than 10 inches. The battery life in a netbook will typically last between 6 and 8 hours.


Filling the gap between netbooks and notebooks, ultra-portables offer a reduced footprint and weight. They usually do not have optical drives, and weigh between 3 and 5 lbs. with a screen that is no larger than 13.3 inches. The battery life for the ultra-portable notebook is typically about 6 hours. Many ultra-portables have optional docking stations to add DVD media to the unit.

Standard Notebooks

These notebooks are not quite as powerful as a desktop, but very portable. The notebook is ideal for taking your work on the road. Screen sizes are as large as 15.6 inches and the weight of a standard notebook averages less than 7 lbs. Notebooks will generally carry a battery life of approximately 4 hours.


Popular in the medical and inventory management industries, these are upgraded notebooks that allow the screen to be rotated 180 degrees and interface via touch or with a specialized pen. Variable in screen-size and weight, convertible units with pen interfaces are especially useful for designers and people who do not type. This unit can convert your handwriting to typewritten text.

Ruggedized Notebooks

A notebook designed for harsh environments, a ruggedized notebook is frequently used in the construction industry, in the military, and by emergency service workers. The ruggedized notebook is gaining popularity in the commercial sector for added security in protecting data.

Replacement Desktops

These notebooks have large HD screens (17+ inches), include powerful processors, and large hard drives. This high performance notebook is the ultimate in portable power. The drawbacks are the size, weight (typically 8 lbs. or more), and a shorter battery life (3-4 hours). Replacement desktops are ideal for the occasional traveler, or someone withlimited desk space.


Tablets are super-portable and designed to offer audio-visual media, music, games, book reading, and web browsing in a pocket-sized device. Tablets are limited in their screen-size, processing power, and lack a physical keyboard.

There are many options available when purchasing a notebook today. The market is populated not only in the type of devices available, but also there are a cornucopia of brands and features to choose from. Call the expert sales team at CTS, and we will help you decide on the best notepad for you, your family or your business.

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